NAIN Board

NAIN Board Members 2012-13

Executive Committee

Executive Board

Member / Position Affiliation Term End
Chair: Robert Hankinson chairATnainDOTorg Edmonton Interfaith Centre for Education and Action 2014
Vice-Chair: Dr. Gail Allan United Church of Canada 2014
Secretary / Young Adult [Co-Chair]: Jason Smith   2014
Treasurer / Finance: Rev. Sam Muyskens gfianowATgmailDOTcom Global Faith in Action, Wichita, KS 2014
Board Members


Karen Boyett Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada 2014
Vanessa Gomez Brake Interfaith Center at the Presidio in San Francisco 2016
Paul Eppinger Arizona Interfaith Movement 2016
Brian Farr Salt Lake Interfaith Roundtable 2016
Budd (Gilbert) Friend-Jones   2016
(An)Drea Parker   2014
Jan Swanson Interfaith Community Initiatives 2016
George Stern – Membership membershipATnainDOTorg Neighborhood Interfaith Movement, Philadelphia, PA 2014
Judy Trautman – Communications – Public Relations,    
NAINews Editor newsATnainDOTorg MultiFaith Council of Northwest Ohio 2016
Rachael Watcher-  Communications – Membership Communications Covenant of the Goddess 2014
Betsy Wiggins Women Transcending Boundaries, Syracuse, NY 2014
Jim Wiggins InterFaith Works of Central New York 2014
Honorary Members

HonoraryElizabeth Espersen, Michael J. Goggin, Bettina Gray, Peter Laurence,
Kay Lindahl, Rev. Dr. Donald E. Mayne, Ralph Singh, Charles R. White

Corresponding Members

CorrespondingDr. Tarunjit Singh Butalia, Rev. Paul Chaffee, Grove Harris, Teja Singh, Woody Trautman



5 Responses to NAIN Board

  1. Louisette Caya says:

    j`aimerais connaître les activités du dimanche en 2013, moi je suis de Drummondville

  2. My name is Jean-François Labrie, Rev from the Interfaith Spiritual Church of North Hatley Québec. In July 2010, we have established this new church from the root of Monsignor Marco L. Orbito which was founded in 1980 in the Philippines.

    After my biblical training in the Philippines, I was ordained Reverend with full authorities to create a church in Quebec. I bought an ancient United Church Building for our services and activities.

    Our goals are similar to yours if not the same.
    Interfaith is based on putting into practice the Biblical teachings of faith, compassion, love & purification, of communion with the angels and the saints, and of the manifestations of the Holy Spirit to help us.
    This Church accepts and is open to all religions such as Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, shamanism and others.
    We recognized that there is just one God under different forms. We accept all religion as a whole. Human values are the foundation of our teaching; truthfulness, good deed, peace, love and none violence.
    We recognized that we are all brothers and sisters. We believe in invisible forces that act with us and within us.

    Since the beginning of January 2011, each Monday, we have established a circle of prayers. Also, every Sundays, twice a month, we are having Spiritual gathering on spiritual subjects.

    We feel that we should put our forces together in collaboration and Unity to develop a better world.

    We would LOVE to be a part of the group of THE NORTH AMERICAN INTERFAITH NETWORK and share our vision.

    How could we be an official member of your organisation?

    Best regards,

    Jean-François Labrie, Révérend

    Église Spirituelle Inter-foi
    5 rue Main
    North Hatley, Québec

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