Communications Policy

NAIN Communications Policy Statement

NAIN Organization Members and Associate Members

  1. The use of our name [North American Interfaith Network [NAIN] is prohibited to promote or endorse any product, cause, political party or candidate.
  2. No public statement or endorsement should be made on behalf of NAIN without official acceptance by the Board.
  3. No website, blog, social network, or web communication of any kind should be created using the North American Interfaith Network [NAIN] name or logo without knowledge of and approval by the Communications Chair/Committee.  No creation of a NAIN group or section on another website should be made without knowledge of and approval by the Communications Chair/Committee.
  4. Linking to the NAIN website on member organization websites is, however, strongly encouraged.  This helps both organizations mutually to be found by search engines.
  5. NAIN Board members should identify themselves with their NAIN affiliation whenever appropriate in a public interfaith context, in order to increase our visibility.
  6. NAIN Board members, representatives of NAIN member organizations, and NAIN Associate members may quote from NAINews with credit to the original document, as long as the original intent and context is not changed.  In other words, you may quote, but please do not misquote.
  7. NAIN member organizations and Associate Members are encouraged to make use of NAIN social media sites by contributing to posts, comments, discussions, photos, videos, etc.
  8. Contributors should realize that no social media is entirely private, so they should post only what they are willing to be public.
  9. The North American Interfaith Network explicitly prohibits plagiarism, obscene, vulgar, or hateful communications on its websites.  All communications should be respectful and within one’s personal expertise.  Written comments should cite sources if appropriate.  Copyright laws should be respected.  Individual users on blog sites and social media have been held legally responsible for plagiarism and/or abusive/inappropriate language.
  10. When representing themselves in association with NAIN in public or online, all NAIN Board members, representatives of NAIN member organizations, and NAIN Associate members should exercise extreme care to reflect accurately NAIN’s mission.
  11. The administrator[s] of NAIN Social Media site[s] will use a three tiered approach to disciplining inappropriate posts.
    1. Counsel the user and ask him/her to modify or withdraw the inappropriate post.
    2. Delete the inappropriate post
    3. Ban the user from the site

Which of the measures used will depend upon the severity of the abuse, whether it is a repeated offense and whether conversation with the user has helped.  The administrator[s] reserve[s] the right to make these judgments with a balance between protecting free speech and protecting NAIN’s reputation and integrity.


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