2008 Connect Presenter Brenda Naomi Rosenberg in Vienna

Brenda Naomi Rosenberg, who presented her exemplary Reuniting the Children of Abraham program at the 2008 NAINConnect in San Francisco, reports that she has just returned from Vienna where she was the guest of King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz for the opening of his International Center for Inter religious  and cross cultural dialogue.

Brenda Rosenberg in Vienna

She relates that it was an amazing experience to share interfaith accomplishments in Detroit. Her photo is from a 2-hour interview with Al Jazera and the Grand Mufti of Lebanon, Bishop Brahim of Syria and Dr Abdullah F Allheedan.

What was most impressive to many people was the media coverage presenting the positive side of connections between faith groups: David Crumm’s front page story of Reuniting the Children of Abraham in The Detroit Free Press, and  RTCOA as the cover story of the Jewish News.

They were very taken with the same article about the WISDOM [Women’s Interfaith Solutions for Dialog and Outreach in MetroDetroit] Book Friendship and Faith: The WISDOM of Women Creating Alliances for Peace, and her recent article “Is Peace Still Possible ?” which were featured in both Muslim Observer and Jewish News.

You may also be interested in a project that Brenda has co created with Samia Bahsoun, the Tectonic Leadership Center for Conflict Transformation & Cross Cultural Communication http://www.tectonicleadership.org/.

Brenda is a part of a large planning committee arranged by Gail Katz [of NAIN member org WISDOM] to envision the 2014 NAINConnect in Detroit.

Another member of the planning committee, David Crumm, formerly of the Detroit Free Press and now of ReadtheSpirit.com, has organized regular meetings of Detroit area leaders in interfaith communication, the “Communicators” circle.  This impressive model of interfaith connections in terms of media and broad outreach has about thirty attendees and 115 subscribers to the once-a-month Communicators newsletters.

NAIN is fortunate to be able to look forward to Connect 2013 in Toronto and Connect 2014 in Detroit.


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