Women Spirituality and Transformative Leadership on Top 10 List

Women Spirituality and Transformative LeadershipWe are so pleased to post that the editors at the American Library Association’s Book list have announced that Women Spirituality and Transformative Leadership has been selected as one of their top ten religion and spirituality books for 2012. The announcement will appear in their November 15 issue.

We reviewed Women Spirituality and Transformative Leadership: Where Grace Meets Power in the Fall 2011 issue of NAINews.  NAIN Honorary Board Member Kay Lindahl is one of the four co-editors of this significant book that explores the role of women as they reclaim a place in spiritual leadership.  Karen Boyett [current member of the NAIN Board of Directors] and Jan Saeed [former member of the NAIN Board of Directors], also contributed chapters.

The four editors met at the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Melbourne, which they describe as “buzzing with feminine energy”.

Kay Lindahl’s chapter In Transition calls forth an image of transition in the birthing process.  It is the difficult phase of labor just before the baby is ready to be pushed out.  It is a time when labor seems to go on forever, the mother is tired and wants to give up.  Then transition occurs and the miraculous birth happens.  I think many of us in interfaith work experience the fatigue of labor that seems endless and non-productive.  Kay counsels that when we feel stuck like that, it is not possible to force transitions.  Patience is necessary.  “One thing I know about chaos is that it is a sign that we are in transformation of one sort or another. […] What I learned from the women throughout the editing of this book is that we are moving forward.”

Karen Boyett’s contribution is a very personal story of her journey to empowerment through deep [heart-centered] thinking and an awareness that she must listen to her body, not be in denial of her physical limits.

Jan Saeed shares how her Bahá’í Faith has shaped her deep respect of all religions and affected her outlook on life.  “Work done in the spirit of Service is the highest form of worship.” [Abdu’l Baha]

The book concludes with a description of the collaborative leadership of the organization Women of Spirit and Faith, a NAIN Member Organization.

The Resource section lists interfaith organizations, women’s organizations, networks for young leaders, seminaries, and educational organizations.



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