Sneak Preview of NAINConnect 2012 Workshops

One of the most unique features of our annual North American Interfaith Network [NAIN] Connects is the rich blend of 1.) Issues and best practices from our NAIN members and friends across North America with 2.)Interfaith work local color of our host organization’s city/region.   This year’s Connect in Atlanta is an exciting example of this blend.

Presenters – NAIN Members / Friends across North America

NAINConnect 2012 Presenters 1

  • Kay Lindahl, founder of the Listening Center, “Sacred Listening”
  • Gail Katz, co-founder of WISDOM and Paula Drewek, President of WISDOM [Women’s Interfaith Solutions for Dialogue in MetroDetroit] “Interfaith Interaction in Metro Detroit”
  • David Dalley, Program Coordinator at Surrey Neighbouring Faiths Program, “Children First”
  • Grove Harris, “Interfaith Environmental Ethics”
  • Lynda Trono, Manitoba Multifaith Council “The Art of Compassion”
  • Karin Firoza, Youth LEAD Program Director and Trainer,  “Mentoring Training: Living the Core Principles”
  • Quaiser Abdullah Assistant Director of IT Temple University, “Loyalty: Transforming Superficial Connections into Meaningful Relationships”
  • Brian Farr, Salt Lake Roundtable, “Interfaith Art and Culture” (combined with Art of Compassion)

NAINConnect 2012 Presenters 2

  • Ralph Singh, Chair, Wisdom Thinkers Network, “Stories to Light Our Way, Journey to the World of Good”
  • Sande Hart, President of Spiritual and Religious Alliance for Hope(SARAH), “Interfaith Reconciliation thru Community Building”
  • Kristy Bergman, University of Regina, “The Power of Interfaith Actions, Lessons from Africa”
  • Paul Chafee, San Francisco, “Connecting 10,000 Points of Light: Interfaith Communication and Collaboration for the Next 25 Years”
  • Panel: Rachael Watcher,-Wiccan representative, PK McCary-co-founder of Think Peace International, Bettina Gray, Chair of NAIN, “The Hard Dialogues of Interfaith: What we Are Failing to Discuss”
  • Ruth Broyde Sharone, World Parliament of Religions, Los Angeles “Creative Ways to Engage Communities in Interfaith Collaboration”

Local Atlanta Presenters

Local Presenters 1

  • Soumaya Khalifa, President of Islamic Speaker’s Bureau, “The Faith Speakers’ Bureau”
  • Pamela Perkins, Executive Director, “The Interfaith Children’s Movement”
  • Barbara Rosenblit, teacher/Director of Mentoring at The Weber School in Atlanta, “Peace by Piece: Engaging High School Youth”
  • Mark Crenshaw, Georgia State University, “Interfaith and Disabilities”
  • Frank McCloskey, Georgia Power, Interfaith and the Corporate Workplace”
  • Suzanne Buchanan, US Dept. Justice, “The Government in partnership with Faith”
  • “Faith and Film” Judy Marx, founder of Atlanta Jewish Film Festival
  • Deacon/ Chaplain Bob Hauert, Gillian Renault, Media training expert, “Death and Dying- 5 faith perspectives”

Local Presenters 2

  • Dr. Gerald Durley, motivational/inspirational speaker, and Laura Turner Seydel, “Faith and Ecology”
  • C.T. Vivian, Interim President, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, “Race and Faith”
  • Dr. Luther Smith, Thurman Chair, Candler School of Theology, “Howard Thurman, His Thoughts and Spirit and mentor to Martin Luther King Jr”
  • Faith Alliance of Metro Atlanta, “Maintaining Interfaith Dialogue and Advocacy”
  • World Pilgrims “Interfaith Travel Abroad and Within”
  • Angela Rice, Executive Producer, Interfaith minister and Senior Executive Producer Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasters, Inc.,  “Atlanta Interfaith Broadcast from Interfaith Programming-to an Emmy Award”

NAINConnect 2012 – July 15 – 18 in Atlanta!

“Establishing Interfaith Friendly Cities”

Local Host: Interfaith Community Initiatives website

Registration Info


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