URI Africa co-organizing a Conference

This may be of interest especially to those who met Mussie Hailu at NAINConnect 11

from Paul McKenna, Scarboro Missions Interfaith Dept.

Subject: URI Africa co-organizing a Conference on Building a Common Future through Interfaith Dialogue, Mutual Understanding and the Golden Rule

Dear Friends

Greeting of peace, light and blessing from URI Africa. I am happy to inform you that URI Africa is co-organizing a conference on building a common future through interfaith dialogue, mutual understanding and the Golden Rule. Here is the info

New Era Educational and Charitable Support Foundation ( a URI CC in Jos, Nigeria) in partnership with Angels Foundation, United Religions Initiative of Africa and Interfaith Peace-building Initiative ( a URI CC member in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)  and organize the 3rd Annual International Conference on Interfaith Dialogue and Non-violent Communication in Jos, Nigeria from 27th to 29 October 2011. The theme of the conference is “Building a Common Future through Interfaith Dialogue, Mutual Understanding and the Golden Rule”

The purpose of the conference is to create and promote interfaith collaboration and build bridges of trust, understanding, friendship and partnership through the teaching of the Golden Rule among religiously diverse youth and to provide a platform for local, national, regional and international collaboration to make religions a healing force and build a culture of peace and non-violence.

During the conference the 100 youth participants will discover that “an enemy is one whose story we have not heard” and will also practice the art of listening-to-learn, to heal and create a positive perspective on life.

The conference and workshops will be practical — rich with inspiration, sharing experience, and with practical workshops in addressing all relevant issue to the theme of the conference..

The conference is also organized in support of the aim of the United Nations Decade of Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue, Understanding and Cooperation for Peace.

It is to be recalled that the African Union in partnership with African Council of Religious Leaders has launched an Interfaith Dialogue Forum in the Nigerian capital Abuja on June 2011 to harness the power of religious communities for the integration and development in Africa. The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, H. E. Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, opened the forum and called on religious and political leaders to work in partnership to take Africa forward. In answer to the call of the African Union and the President of Nigeria URI Africa in August 2011 organized a conference in Kampala, Uganda a conference on the role of religions to build peace, security and counter violent extremism in Africa. Back in June 2011 URI Africa also publicly announce it appreciation to the African Union and African Religious Leaders and welcomed the declaration of the Interfaith Dialogue Forum and express it commitment to work very closely with the African Union and African Religious Leaders, Interfaith Organization and other peace and NGOs on the issue of peace, interfaith harmony and regional security and counter extremism.

May Peace Prevail on Earth


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