NAINConnect 2011 Summary – available online now.

Each year at the NAINConnect, I feel that there is so much excitement and energy encapsulated in those few days together.  I always feel that there needs to be a way to bottle up the energy to take home for use when we get back to the every day grind, and especially to share with our colleagues who were not present to feel it themselves.

This year seemed especially vibrant.  The Arizona InterFaith Movement Team created a wonderful experience for us.  This year they made an incredible effort to video record all of the events.  They plan to offer the resulting DVDs soon on their website

For the pasts three years, I have attempted to put together a report/summary with words, photos, and web links to help record the Connect.  Several of the major presenters sent me notes to include.  I also included some of my own personal notes on others.

So here are some of the links available to you.  I hope that you find them a useful reminder of our time together.

Miss the Connect this year?  Miss a session?  Lose your notes?  Just want to re-Connect?  See the links below.

Photos and summaries from Arizona Interfaith Movement:

Summary of all NAINConnect Activities

  • Print version – a monster 32 pages, including complete tests of three presenters

  • Web version – with hypertext contents and summaries with links to more complete texts – takes time for pictures to load

There is also a brief NAINews, which contains these and other links, plus a few news items. – print – online


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