NAIN Call for Interns 2011-2012

Intern Position for the North American Interfaith Network 2011–2012

 Intern for an International Interfaith Organization

from the convenience of your home

NAIN is an official non-profit agency that began in 1988.  NAIN is a network of local, regional, and national organizations in the United States, Canada, and Mexico that are committed to increasing understanding and mutual respect among people of various faith traditions.  NAIN is undergoing an overhaul of its online presence and services to members.  To support these changes, we have two Internship positions available.

Structure and Requirements of Internship:

  • The intern position is a 1-year commitment of 5-10/hours a week, following an academic calendar.  Ideally, the position is to begin no later than October.  The internship will be considered complete upon attendance at the 2012 NAIN Connect.  A memorandum of understanding will be required as a commitment to the terms.
  • Candidate should be familiar with and committed to interfaith work and have a passion for interfaith relations and religious and cultural diversity.  Former attendance at a NAIN Connect is a distinct advantage.
  • Upon completion of the year’s commitment and submission of a report on tasks and hours spent, the intern will be paid a small stipend of $500.  Interns must be able to travel to the annual NAIN Connect conference in the summer.  A $500 scholarship towards Connect travel expenses will be paid by NAIN to help defray costs.
  • The intern will receive valuable experience in various aspects of management for a non-profit organization with an international focus.  The intern will have the opportunity to be immersed in the Interfaith Movement and to meet and work with prominent people in the field.  This is a valuable addition to the intern’s curriculum vitae or resume.
  • Students are encouraged to apply.  Professionals who are looking for more experience in this field or are interested in a career change also are welcome to apply for an internship. For students interested in receiving college course credit, please contact your university directly for more information.
  • As NAIN does not have a central office, Interns will work from their own location under the guidance of the appropriate Committee Co-Chair.  A regular email/telephone contact will be established at the convenience of all parties.
  • Interns must reside in North America (Canada, Mexico, or the United States).

 Two positions will be available:

Communications Intern

Membership Intern

General Position Requirements:

  • Excellent interpersonal communications skills
  • Strong written communication skills
  • Ability and willingness to work closely with the appropriate  Committee Chair
  • Willingness to invite and encourage participation of NAIN Young Adults in further committee work
  • Comfort with basic office software
  • Ability to perform (or willingness to learn) database entry and manipulation
  • Enthusiasm about interfaith and cross-cultural work
  • Ability to be motivated, self-directed, pro-active, creative and organized
  • Desire and ability to work both independently and in a team

Duties and Responsibilities:

Communications Position

  • Assist with social networking management of NAIN through online blogging, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Participate in journalistic and other writing on behalf of NAIN
  • Learn and facilitate the various forms of electronic meeting technologies on behalf of NAIN
  • Possible opportunity to assist with web design and programming languages
  • Work under the supervision of the Communications Committee Chair(s)

Membership Position

  • Maintain the membership database
  • Follow up on membership renewal notices
  • Survey non-renewing members by phone
  • Conduct research on existing interfaith organizations for membership recruitment purposes
  • Develop new membership recruitment strategies and assist with the dissemination of materials to past and prospective members
  • Work under the supervision of the Membership Committee Chair(s)

Selection Process:

To apply, please send a resume [with contact information, education, and related job experience, if any] and cover letter stating interest in and qualifications for the position to which you are applying.  Include reasons and skill-sets that make you a preferred candidate.  Evidence of strong commitment to interfaith work is required.  Please e-mail these documents as attachments and include “Internship Application” in the subject heading, as well as the title of the position for which you are applying.

To apply for the Communications Position, send your materials to Judy Lee Trautman at

To apply for the Membership Position, send your materials to Rabbi George Stern at

Preferred deadline is no later than September 25, but late applications will be considered if the position is not already filled.

The selection of interns is a competitive process.  An applicant’s overall education, skill-set, experience, enthusiasm, and goals will be used as criteria for selection.  Shortly after the submission deadline, an initial review of the applications will be conducted by the appropriate committees.  Finalists will be interviewed by phone or video conferencing.  Candidates will be notified of the results of the selection process.



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Co-Chair of the MultiFaith Council of NW Ohio, Chair of Erase the Hate Toledo, Communications Chair of North American Interfaith Network
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