NAIN Member showcase – Multi-Faith Saskatchewan

In year 2010, Multi-Faith Saskatchewan in partnership with Saskatchewan Society for Education through Art, under took to Pilot an Art Contest for the students of grade 10-12  in four provincial schools that have diversified enrolment.
The objective of this project was to promote mutual understanding, appreciation and acceptance among cultural and faith communities, eliminate prejudice, racism and strive for peace and harmony through the medium of Visual Art.  
The titles of the art work chosen by the students should reflect any of the objectives listed above. The organizing committee allowed the respectful exploration and expression of any and all faiths if considered appropriate for the classroom and reflect the current art curriculum.
The maximum size of the art work completed in pencil, charcoal, crayon, water, oil, coloured pencil, acrylic, oil pastel, stretched canvas or graphic art has to be 18” X 24”.
The participating schools shall submit a minimum of five and a maximum of eight pieces of student artwork to be evaluated by an independent jury. Monetary awards shall be the presented to top three students and the rest of them shall be suitably recognised.
Out of the total artwork received, the jury will select suitable pieces of art work which will form a Travelling Exhibit which shall visit different locations in Saskatchewan.
Funding agencies of this project are thinking of expanding the project to about fifteen schools in year 2011-2012. 
For more information, contact:
Barbara Dornan


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