InterFaith Film Festival 2011CE

This is an interesting and varied collection of films. The project was spear-headed by Peter Frank Womack, one of last year’s NAINConnect young adult scholars.

It is with tremendous humility and Happiness that we announce the official commencement of the InterFaith Film Festival 2011CE.  You can now view this year’s selections through our YouTube channel:

The InterFaith Film Festival is an opportunity for our international interreligious community to respectfully share our respective experiences of belief and Faith with each other so that we may better understand each other.  We work to share stories that inform and inspire.

Within this inaugural convening of the InterFaith Film Festival, we receive a wide spectrum of content, varying from home-made videos to professionally filmed, edited, and produced short films;  and amidst this, there is a diverse texture of music videos, documentaries, slideshows, Power Point shows, and additional formats.

During the past few months, we are able to gather together short film contributions respectively from many different religious traditions, including:  Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, the Baha’i, Paganism.

And this brings together organisers, supporters, and contributors respectively from nations throughout the Earth, including:  Indonesia, Austria, Israel, India, Minnesota, Michigan, California, Taiwan, Australia, Japan, Pakistan, New York, China, Ohio, England, Scotland, Egypt, Tibet, Oregon, Virginia, Netherlands, Belgium, Sudan, North Carolina, District of Columbia, New Jersey, Illinois, Massachusetts, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, Barbados, Cuba, Switzerland, Canada, and additionally.

The languages utilised include Indonesian, Hindi, Francais, Espanol, Hebrew, Italiano, English, Mandarin, Arabic, and perceivably Tibetan, Erdu, Latin, and others.

We also thank all the people and organisations who endorse, support, and/or contribute to the establishment of the InterFaith Film Festival 2011CE, including:

The organisations that officially endorse our work:  the International Movement for a Just World (and Dr Chandra Muzaffar) and the World Peace Prayer Society (and Fumi Johns Stewart).

The organisations that help support our work and spread the word:  North American InterFaith Network, United Religions Initiative Global Youth Forum (and Sarah Talcott and Matthew Youde), the Pluralism Project at Harvard University, InterFaith Youth Core (and Matt Black, Dan Pawlus, and Eboo Patel), Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance (and Bruce Robinson), InterAct Cleveland (and Sister Donna Wilhelm), Campfire InterFaith Film Festival (and Richard Leigh), InterAction (and Freeman Trebilcock), World Congress of Faiths (and Tony Reese), and World Faith (and Frank Fredericks).

The filmmakers and organisations who directly contribute to this event (in English alphabetical order, by first name):  Abraham’s Vision (and Libby and Len Traubman), Action Factory Community Arts (and Julian Dunn), Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs at Georgetown University (and Kitt Wolfenden), Bridges Foundation (and Osama Yusuf), Cathy Zheutlin, Edinburgh University Chaplain Centre (and Patricia Delso), Elijah InterFaith Institute, Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (and Venerable Holly Ansett and Merry Colony), Ghafur and Eko Andriyanto, Gloria Chen (and Hiding), Hafiz Karmali, Harnek Singh and Rasna Kaur, Henzlerworks Photography (and Claudia Henzler), Hilary Tapper, Hindu American Seva (and Anju Bhargava), InterFaith Encounter Association (and Yehuda Stolov), Iris Firemoon and David Salisbury, Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group (and Libby and Len Traubman), Jonathan David Lawrence, Manauvaskar Kublall (and Chee Malabar, with the Himalayan Project), Matty Knowles, Michael Cullen, Minnesota Council of Churches (and Emily Jarrett Hughes), Mir Ghulam Mustafa Talpur, Muhammad Quadir, Nushmia Khan, Odyssey Networks (and Faith and Values Media, Jocelyn Dupree, and Jennifer Kachler), Society of Jesus Order (and Yohanes Adrianto, Andreas Yanulian, and Eko Andriyanto), Summit of High Level Religious Leaders on the Response to HIV (and Sara Speicher), Taisho University (and Satoko Miwa Fujiwara), University of Toledo (and David M Kuznicki and WGTE Public Media), and Zachary Ellenbogen.

The organisers of the IFFF 2011CE include:  Bettina Gray (San Francisco, California), Ralph Singh (Syracuse, New York and New Delhi, India), Melissa Nozell (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates), Jared Ondieki (Nairobi, Kenya), David Fracarro (Chicago, Illinois), Alisa Roadcup (Chicago, Illinois), Pam Marvinney (Cleveland, Ohio), and Peter Frank Womack (Cleveland, Ohio).

We thank you all for your substantial, respective exercise of Faith, compassion, and generosity.


About judylt

Co-Chair of the MultiFaith Council of NW Ohio, Chair of Erase the Hate Toledo, Communications Chair of North American Interfaith Network
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4 Responses to InterFaith Film Festival 2011CE

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  3. judylt says:

    If you follow the YouTube Channel, you will find it.

  4. Sounds great.

    But why is everyone keeping the location of the IFFF secret?

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