NAIN Member Showcase – Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America

Upcoming events: To deal with the sad events of September 11, 2001 that took place in New York, Washington DC and Pennsylvania, there was felt to be a crying need to reach out and create inter-religious harmony. What started with a grass roots movement to mount Gandhi style walks to promote peace and non-violence on Embassy Row (Massachusetts Ave, NW in the nation’s capital) where different houses of worship throw open their doors in welcome to persons of all faiths and those who profess no faith, has now morphed into an all year-round process to encourage service projects which promote the Millennium Development Goals.
At a prior Annual General Body meeting of FEZANA, a resolution was passed unanimously to support this imitative. Details, including mission, vision, videos, press coverage are accessible at Plans to mark the tenth anniversary of 9/11/2001 on 9/11/11 are already underway. The vision of the organizers is to see it replicated in many more cities in North America.

In addition, Zoroastrian Association of Metropolitan Washington Inc. (ZAMWI) brings out annually “An Emergency Food and Shelter Directory”, which lists resources for the homeless, the disadvantaged, the disabled, the hungry, serving Northern Virginia, Washington DC and suburban Maryland which constitute the Metropolitan Washington geographic area. This is a public-private partnership which has sustained itself for more than two decades. Copies of this booklet have been distributed at past Annual General Body meetings of FEZANA. The current issue is now also available on line at A similar initative at many more cities in North America would help in making a tangible difference in civil society.

Activities are chronicled in the Interfaith/Interalia section; many of these past issues are archived on line at I would like you to refer to the following:

1. pages 112-114
2. pages 130-134

Homi D. Gandhi
FEZANA NGO Main Representative to the UN
Co-Chair, FEZANA Interfaith Activities Committee
Treasurer, Religions for Peace-USA, Inc


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