NAIN Showcase – Multi-Faith Saskatchewan

Multi-Faith Saskatchewan has partnered with the Craik Sustainable Living Project to develop the “designated sacred space project”. It is located adjacent to the Louis Riel Trail which is the highway between the provinces two largest cities, Regina and Saskatoon.

Multi-Faith Saskatchewan Project for "Designated Sacred Space"

The site is on land owned by the Rural Muncipality near the Craik Eco-Centre. It overlooks the Arm River Valley and is intended as a place of reflection for people of all faiths. The project adds a spiritual component to the communities environmental focus. Plaques quoting the “golden rule” of various faiths are set around a circular path which is 25’ in diameter. Three, “Care of the Earth” pillars containing quotes from various religious teachings stand just outside the circle. The objective is to bring unity in diversity, peace in the community and learning to respect and appreciate other people The site marker was unveiled in November 2008 and path was dedicated October 2010. The official public opening will be in July 2011. Representatives of various faith groups, including First Nations, Baha’i, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism , Sikhism and Unitarian have been present and offered prayers at each stage. Fundraising is ongoing in order to complete the site with seating, retaining wall and a solar powered water fountain. Individuals, various religions and grants from government and multicultural agencies have made this project a reality. As time goes on and donations are received, more quotes can be added to the pillars and site can be maintained.
MultiFaith Saskatchewan, Regina, Sask. Canada. Box 32117, S4N 7L2.
Photo- Paul Stinson


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