From Paul McKenna: Golden Rule Movie Featuring Youth Released in USA

Scarboro Missions’ Golden Rule movie has been released in the United States under the title – “About the Golden Rule.”

This movie is very useful for teachers, youth leaders and interfaith educators because of its themes of youth, global citizenship, multifaith, multiculturalism, ethics, diversity and the arts.

The DVD features Eleventh Grade students in three Toronto high schools embodying Golden Rule values in skits, artwork, interviews, music, dance, and rap.

The film eloquently demonstrates how character education can be engendered in young people using play, fun, creativity and the arts.

The movie also contains a comprehensive introduction to the concept of the Golden Rule which is helpful for both teachers and students. This film has been used for teacher-training particularly in religious education, multicultural studies and world religions.

Thematic to the movie is the Scarboro Missions Golden Rule Poster which has achieved international renown as an educational and interfaith resource. The poster features the Golden Rule – symbolically and scripturally – in 13 religions.

This groundbreaking movie was produced and directed by award-winning filmmaker, Tina Petrova (Rumi: Turning Ecstatic).

To view a four-minute segment of the Golden Rule movie, click this link:

You can order the movie from Choices Video:

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Paul McKenna, Scarboro Missions Interfaith Department
NAIN – NORTH AMERICAN INTERFAITH NETWORKBuilding Bridges of Interfaith Understanding, Cooperation and Service.


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One Response to From Paul McKenna: Golden Rule Movie Featuring Youth Released in USA

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