Media and the 21st Century: Dalai Lama Webcast

Live Webcast on HappinessFor all the positive and negative things that might be said about media and the changes we are all attempting to keep up with in the last decade, some of those changes are radical in their import for our future.  Many are pause for concern.  Others are revolutionary in their potential for good.  I just stumbled across one example of the positive — yes, through facebook — the announcement of a live webcast by the Dalai Lama on “Happiness in Troubled Times.  This will be a live webcast from Bangalore, India, on January 30th, 2011, from 2:30pm – 4:00pm Indian Standard Time.

In the older era of media the gate keepers (program directors, media owners, etc) could decide whether such spiritual teaching and content was appropriate for their network and completely control audience access.  The decision was based on more than merit, it could also be based on political favor or influence. More often than not it would not be carried.  And if it was carried the viewer access would be restricted to the reach that individual broadcast network.  Now we have the opportunity to see presentations from spiritual leaders live from any part of the world via the internet.  How amazing!   For us in North America it will be quite early in the morning (or middle of the night) but if you are up I hope you will tune in and enjoy this new blessing of our times.  2:30 pm to 4:00 pm Indian Standard Time = 4:00 AM to 6:30 AM Eastern Standard Time.  Otherwise, another joy of the internet is on demand replay which I hope will also be available.  We all can use some focus on happiness in troubled times.

Live webcast can be viewed at


About Bettina Gray

Media Producer, Composer, Chair of North American Interfaith Network
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