Golden Rule Curriculum for schools

By Paul McKenna, Scarboro Missions
Scarboro Missions is proud to announce the publication of one of the most comprehensive Golden Rule curricula ever produced in history. Using the logic of circles, rules, moral modeling and the Golden Rule, this curriculum unit inspires and supports young people to become global citizens rooted in the Golden Rule.
The students’ learning experience is enriched through drama, art, music, group reflection, journaling and rap. This curriculum unit boasts a wealth of resources, websites, and Internet links relevant to the subject matter.

Titled “A Rule Made of Gold” and geared to an international audience, the curriculum is also available in Word and pdf format. These formats make for a much cleaner and crisper print copy when downloaded.

This project, which has been in the works for eight years, was authored by Gregory McKenna and a team of teachers from across Ontario.

If appropriate, please forward this curriculum to individuals and organizations in your network, particularly teachers, youth leaders and youth educators. Please feel free to link this document to your website.

To view or download the curriculum free of charge, click here:


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  1. judylt says:

    You may subscribe to the NAINews blog. It is free and will give you notice of updates.

  2. Nice story, although the last part is a bit dubious in my eyes. I do hope to see more of this, but how can I stay updated with your posts? Best regards!

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