Tarunjit Singh Butalia Writes Letter to Toledo Blade

Tarunjit Singh Butalia

Tarunjit Singh Butalia

Letter of Opinion 10/20/2010 Toledo Blade

No document OKs torture
I was shocked but encouraged by your Oct. 8 editorial “Tuskegee south.” I was shocked that such a horrible and inhumane act would be committed by our government and encouraged that government came clean after so many years.

I was reminded of a more recent story uncovered by Physicians for Human Rights of unethical medical experimentation, this time on Guantanamo detainees (“Doctors group says U.S. tested torture,” June 7). Will government also come clean about this?

Through a careful reading of the government’s own reports, PHR alleges that medical experiments were performed on detainees to fine-tune torture techniques. Though their report was circulated widely through the press, no senior White House official has commented on it.

Through the leadership of the National Religious Campaign Against Torture, 20 national faith groups and many human rights organizations called for an investigation of this issue. But so far, the matter has only been referred to the CIA, the agency responsible for most of the experiments.

Why does the administration refuse to acknowledge or investigate allegations of forced torture experimentation on detainees at Guantanamo and elsewhere? Medical experimentation without consent is always wrong, and learning how the breach in U.S. law occurred is undeniably important.

As a person of faith, I can’t find anything in scriptures of any of the major world religions that justifies torture. As an American, I can’t find anything within our founding principles and our Constitution that justifies attempts to hide crimes when they occur.

Bringing these moral failures to light will strengthen our nation. I hope the President and Congress move forward with proposals to investigate past torture policies with a commission of inquiry.

Tarunjit Singh Butalia
Faith Communities Uniting for Peace
Dublin, Ohio



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One Response to Tarunjit Singh Butalia Writes Letter to Toledo Blade

  1. When man’s inhumanity to his fellow man happens, man’s power of love and the power of forgiveness become the methods used by God to reduce, eliminate, and stop such terrible errors and mistakes and even deliberate evil actions. This is why the Center Of Unconditional Love has prepared a dynamic, pro-active, preventive health and wellness document which needs to be published/printed/distributed to as many of God’s people as possible in celebration of Forgiveness Month (October), Forgiveness Week (Oct. 24-31), and National Forgiveness Day (last Sat. in October). God’s people have the power to pray the following: Please forgive them. Please help me to forgive them. Please forgive me if I did anything to cause the problem. Please help me to forgive myself. Please take away my anger and bitterness. Please restore my joy and my power to love one another as God loves me. Amen.

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